Esther Smead

F, b. 4 February 1905, d. 31 December 1994
BirthEsther Smead was born on 4 February 1905. 
MarriageShe married Josiah Thompson Phinney, son of William Lewis Phinney and Katherine Hamilton Thompson
DeathEsther Smead died on 31 December 1994 in Delmar, Albany County, New York, at age 89. 


Josiah Thompson Phinney b. 3 Feb 1901, d. 15 Jan 1996
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Ellen Smedley

F, b. circa 1540
BirthEllen was born circa 1540 in Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England. 
MarriageShe married Jeffrey Finney circa 1560.1 
BiographyThe will of Ellen was written on 8 August 1606 and proved 16 January 1607.

In the name of god Amen the Eighte daie of Auguste in the yeare of our lord god /1606/. I Eline Finnye of Lenton in the County and Archdeaconrye of Nottinghamshire widdowe sicke in body but of good and perfecte remembrance laude and praise be given to god therefore doe ordaine and make this my laste will and testament in manner and forme followinge that is to witt Firste and principallie I comende my soule into the handes of Jesus Christe my onelie Savior and redemer and my body to the Earthe fromwhence it came to be buried in the parishe Churcheyaeard of Lenton aforsaid as neare to my husband Jeffray Finnye as may be. And for the dysposicion of my worldly goodes my will is thatthey shalbe bestowed as followeth Viz. Firste I give and bequeath to my sonne Robart Finnye my ride Cowe. Item to my daughter Anne the wief of William Fletcher my blacke Cowe. Item to my daughter Sicilye Finnye my browne heffer. Item to my daughter Issabell Finnye my black heffer my Cupbord and the greatest brasse panne over and above the childes parte of goodes due to her by the laste will of Jeffray Finnye her Father deceased. Item I give to my said daughter Siscile Finnye the good will of my house And I humblye beseche the honorable the Lo: Wharton that it may please him to admitt her servant thereunto, and that she may quietlye enioye the same after my death. Item my Will is that my sonne in Lawe William Fletcher shall have the kitchine and the nether parlor to dwell in untill he can provide himselfe elswhere. Item I give to everie one of my said sone in lawe William Fletcher his children/ to witt/ Henry Fletcher, Alice Fletcher, Margerye Fletcher and Anne Fletcher ijs in monye and to everie one a henne. Item to John Fynnye And to Katherine Fynnye sonne and daughter of my sonne Robart Fynnye to eyther of them ijs in money and to eyther of them a henne. Item to Marye and to Elizabeth Finnye aughters of my sonne Edward Finnye to eyther of them ijs in oney and to eyther of them a henne. Item to my daughter in lawe Anne Fynnye wief of my said sonne Edward Fynnye xijd in full satisfaction of any procion which shee can challenge under coulor of her said husbandes righte. All the rest of my goodes.1 
BurialEllen Smedley was buried on 17 August 1606 in Lenton, Nottinghamshire, England.1 


Jeffrey Finney b. c 1532
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  1. Clifford L Stott, "The Finney Family of Lenton, Nottinghamshire and Plymouth, Massachusetts", 148, 315.

(?) Smiley

FatherJoseph Hirst Smiley
MarriageShe married (?) Garringer


(?) Garringer
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Joseph Hirst Smiley



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Louise Smiley

F, b. circa 1868
FatherM F Smiley
MotherEllen Trash
BirthLouise was born circa 1868. 
MarriageShe married Sherman Whitenack in Jay County, Indiana, on 28 August 1886. 
MarriageShe married Aaron Hines in Jay County, Indiana, on 24 December 1891. 

Family 1

Sherman Whitenack b. 1866, d. 13 Feb 1889

Family 2

Aaron Hines b. c 1867, d. 22 Oct 1919
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